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Why do you need
social media?

Social media is an important channel where 7 out of 10 consumers get the latest information about trends, brands, products, promotions and so on. It’s vital to have the correct content in order to build your community, customer loyalty, to drive traffic to your website and store. It should be catchy, creative and engaging. MEYE will manage the relationship with your community on Instagram and Facebook, taking into account the preferences of each generation of consumers.
Know who you’re talking to!

What do we do?

Find out how to be successful on your social media

Set-up social media

  • We create your new Instagram and/or Facebook account:
    • We set you up with a smart and professional bio.
  • We post on your Instagram
    and/or Facebook Feed:


    • We post 4 posts/brands with captions according to your MEYE PROFILE.
    • We post 4 posts from your supplier.
    • You are now ready to manage your account with a solid set-up.
According to the Algorithm of Meta we use moving posts/stories as much as possible. Some periods of the year we organise webinars. One of our topics is about ‘how to post on social media’. Otherwise, we can do it for you > see management.


  • We manage your Instagram and/or Facebook Feed:
    • Think of it as us managing the window of your social media store!
  • We post on your Instagram
    and/or Facebook Feed:
    • We post 8 custom-made posts a month + captions + relevant hashtags.
    • We post 4 custom-made stories a month (they are the same as the posts, but in the suitable format for stories.
    • We post 4 posts from your supplier.

Posts/stories are according to your MEYE PROFILE! We post your brands, topics of the month, SEIKO products and actions/campaigns of the month + adapt some posts to the colour of your store.


  • MEYE creates a moving post
    You can choose from our content, we then adapt it to your profile.
  • We post on your Instagram:
    • We select your target, gender, generation, and location depending on the social media platform.
    • We advertise around the location of your store to selected Facebook or Instagram users.
  • Choose your Boosting formula:
    • Bronze: reach between 5,000 and 10.000 social media users.
    • Silver: reach between 10,000 and 15.000 social media users.
    • Gold: reach between 15,000 and 25.000 social media users.

Set-up Meta Business

  • Set-up of Meta Business
    • We create your new shop on META Business.
    • We set up your strategy.
  • Account management:
    • Every month we manage and adjust the parameters of your account on Meta in order to improve your overall visibility and algorithm. This improves your next advertisement.
  • Advertising management:
    • We manage your advertising monthly by creating multiple designs and Meta will choose the most convenient one.

Examples of some of our clients

We work with 3 different templates according to your MEYE PROFILE

We create content

Moving content for your social media

How to get started with your social media

The key to success on social media revolves around moving content,
engaging with influencers and your community.

The Set-up

We set-up your smart account with all your relevant information and content so your clients know who you are and where to find you.

The Management

We are always up to date with the most recent changes in the algorithm and strategically improve our moving content. We use more stories and reels as they have 10X more impact.

The Boosting

Boosting your posts is very effective for a short-term vision as you can easily reach over 10,000 users within your community and make more sales.

Meta Business

Once you have a strong account you can begin Meta Business advertising and build your own algorithm around your store on Meta. Ready for the Metaverse.

What generation are you talking to?

Specific communication for each generation.


A club of new-generation opticians with the right knowledge, using high-end content and campaigns throughout smart media. Grow with each generation of consumers.

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