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Why a service
& warranty system?

MEYE COMFORT ensures that you have contact with your customer again every 6 to 12 months. The arrival of Facebook, Instagram, the aggressive sales techniques of large chains and webshops ensure that the self-employed are losing more and more customers. This can be avoided by listening to your customers and offering them the right service and experience. Now use an intelligent database system to monitor your customers.


Follow your customer with an intelligent service and Warranty system thanks to MEYE COMFORT, starting from €120,00

20% off, if MEYE CLUB member


  • MEYE creates a unique landing page.
  • MEYE COMFORT sends the consumer a luxury postcard according to the circle linked to the type of optical glasses. For the duration of the 3 years after the day of the purchase.


  • WARRANTY passport card or WARRANTY passport luxe info folder (16 + 4 pages).
  • PLACEMAT with info about the tailor-made glasses.
  • LUXE magazine for direct mailing.
  • POS.


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MEYE COMFORT passport optical glasses

How to get started with MEYE COMFORT?

4 simple steps

Choose your cards

After choosing your cards out of our templates, we’ll go over the content together, according to your MEYE PROFILE.


Your graphic designer at MEYE will start the design, including two revision rounds. We will then upload your cards to the MEYE COMFORT software.


We will give you a training about how to use the MEYE COMFORT software: providing a service and warranty system to your clients, having insides in your data, etc.

Ready for press

Every month we do an export of all cards in the system and sent them to your unique clients.

What generation are you talking to?

Specific communication for each generation.


A club of new-generation opticians with the right knowledge, using high-end content and campaigns throughout smart media. Grow with each generation of consumers.

As a MEYE CLUB member you gain 20% off on all our products.

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