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Why do you need
online publications?

The ideal way to share high-end information nowadays is with digital communication. This allows us to reach a larger target audience through your social media, emails and websites.

What do we do?

Our online publications are also ready to print for door-to-door or/and direct mailing

NEW LUXE MAGAZINE! 20 pages with glossy hard cover to gift to your clients or for a high-end direct mailing. Check it out: DUTCH EXAMPLE & FRENCH EXAMPLE

  • Flyer US or A5, 2 pages
    (If printing: format
    A5 148mmx210mm)
  • Flyer US or A5, 4 pages
    (If printing: format
    US 2X210mmx99mm)
  • Square flyer, 4 pages
    (If printing: square format 2x200mmx200mm)
  • Magazine, 8 pages
    (If printing: 8 pages A4)
  • Magazine, 20 pages
    (If printing: 16 pages A4)
  • Passport Optical Glasses 20 pages
    (If printing: format A5
    (or A6) 20x148mmx210mm,
    16+4 hard-cover pages)

Examples of some of our clients

We work with 3 different templates according to your MEYE PROFILE

How to get started with digital printing?

4 simple steps

Choose your format

After choosing your format, we’ll go over the content together, according to your MEYE PROFILE.


Your graphic designer at MEYE will start the design, including two revision rounds. We will then upload your magazine online and create a link.


Now you can share the finished digital print on your website, on social media, in advertisements, in emails, and so on.

Ready for press

The digital print is also designed to be ready for printing. MEYE can send your high-resolution, ready-for-press file to your local printer.

What generation are you talking to?

Specific communication for each generation.


A club of new-generation opticians with the right knowledge, using high-end content and campaigns throughout smart media. Grow with each generation of consumers.

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